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Reproductive Health & HIV Research Unit [RHRU] now called Wits Reproductive Health & HIV Institiute (WRHI) (Oct 2006-July 2010)
Job Description: Community Engagement/Development Specialist/Technical Advisor
(1) To strengthen, capacitate & develop the civil society sector organisations working in the HIV field within Inner City Johannesburg;
(2) To develop & coordinate a one-stop wellness centre to meet the needs of the infected & affected communities in the Inner City;
(3) To participate in the strategic direction of the Hillbrow Health Precinct, urban renewal project;
(4) To develop livelihoods & income-generation projects for relevant communities;
(5) To restructure, develop & manage Special Services (Youth Friendly, Men & HIV & Sex Work services) ensuring delivery of quality clinical care & innovative outreach & health education;

Family Life Centre [FAMSA] (May 1995 - December 2000)
Job Description: Manager, Junior Manager, Community Social worker

Private Practice/Consultant
April 2022 to date - Dr. Lauren Jankelowitz Consulting: strategic advice, training, research, writing, fundraising; content development & training facilitation; individual, couple, group, family, community counselling & trauma debriefing
October 2020 - to date - Ms. Harris: jewelry business start-up including training, preparation & sales of DIY jewelry-making kits; website development & maintenance; social media marketing; markets & craft marketing; making jewelry; selling jewelry
2021 - The Johannesburg Children's Home: pro bono strategic consultancy on Work Integration Social Enterprise
2015 - to date - GIBS: materials development, online lectures, BlackBoard LMS discussion/ exercises facilitation, Zoom integration/Q&A sessions, self-marking MCQs for SEP & other EDA courses; student supervision (PhD, MBA, MPhil); research, analysis & writing for Business Ethics, social entrepreneurship & EDA.
2019/2020 - Applied Vehicle Analytics: developed Enterprise Development Model (incl. research, strategic consultation, strategic presentation)

- Kagiso Media: research, writing, materials development
- Private counselling: individual, couple, group, family, community counselling & trauma debriefing

- UnDress accessories: business development, craft markets, sales, training of income-generation groups
- The Big Issue/Homeless Talk: research, strategic consultation
- Vierhoek Productions: research, writing, materials development
- Yizo Yizo: research, writing, materials development
- Harriet Perlman & Glynnis Clacherty: 
research, writing, materials development
- Kagiso Media: 
research, writing, materials development
- Wits Social Work student supervision: supervising dissertations, counselling
- Private counselling: 
individual, couple, group, family, community counselling & trauma debriefing
- Establishing holistic healing centre: 
business development, research, materials development, training facilitation