Helping brave nonprofit organisations, social businesses & social enterprises to scale their impact by strengthening their ability to raise funding & providing strategic organisational structuring services.

What's my Why?

Formally established in April 2022 to respond to the need to augment growth, scale & sustainability within the Nonprofit, Social Enterprise & Development Sector/s, Dr Lauren Jankelowitz Consulting provides targeted support to Boards of Directors, Executive Managers, Program Managers, Project Teams, Individual Social Entrepreneurs, as well as Donor Agencies, Philanthropists, Government Departments, Universities, Academic Units & Organisations to consolidate, resuscitate & extend their social impact

Vision & Mission

VISION: A flourishing Nonprofit, Social Enterprise & Development Sector that dynamically contributes towards building community, creating growth & employment, & strengthening the sector through impact development, measurement & sustainability. MISSION: To offer support services which stimulate growth & nurture sustainability within the Nonprofit, Social Enterprise & Development Sector/s in order to strengthen social & environmental impact.


The following core values are integral to Dr Lauren Jankelowitz Consulting’s organisational philosophy: Collaboration with multiple stakeholders; Integrity in every service & every interaction; Service to society, community, organisations, & self; Sustainability through capacity-strengthening, skills development, new business models & fundraising support.